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  1. Thanks for the feedback! If there are any other kinds of book lists that you'd like to see here, just leave a comment or email Lisa or Hollie below.

    1. You should have a book list about cats!

    2. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Trollol

    3. Need book list about mythical creatures!

  2. Can you have a book list about vampires and werewolves? Thanks, CJ

  3. Can you have a list on Ancient Egypt?

  4. We'll work on the vampires and werewolves list. Thanks! As for the Ancient Egypt books, some of them are in the Prehistoric and Ancient Cultures list. We don't have enough to do a full list of just Ancient Egypt but this link brings up all of our young adult novels about Ancient Egypt (with a couple of not-quite-on-topic books thrown in):

    Hope this helps!

    Teen Services Librarian

  5. can you have a mythology list? thanks that would be great

  6. We can work on that. Do you mean young adult fiction books based on Greek, Roman, and various other myths like the Percy Jackson series?

    Teen Services Librarian

  7. I am defiantly reading these!!

  8. I love this whole thing.

  9. I'll have to bookmark this page because I know I'll be using it in the future to find a good book

  10. Awesome site! I love checking out the books here!

  11. Thanks! We just added some lists in our new books category if you want to check those out!

  12. I love your book lists.

  13. I really like this page because I have trouble finding good books that I haven't read, because I don't really like lots of romance and drama.

  14. Do you have a magna list?

    1. Hi. Yes we do! It's under the "Nonfiction" category and the list is called "Graphic Novels and Manga for Teens." It doesn't include everything we have, just some of the more recently purchased titles. If you have any purchase suggestions for new titles, please let us know. Thanks!

  15. Could you guys do a list on fantasy books? Thanks!

  16. I will create a fantasy booklist this fall. I will try to focus this list on newer fantasy reads, as there are so many titles in the fantasy genre!

  17. It would be nice to have a horror book section. This is a great website.

  18. sci-fi would also be cool come to think about it! Thanks!

  19. I think that there should be a little more variety on the awards because they seem clustered on one same type. I also think the nominee process should be changed a little bit

  20. Great book list!

  21. I don't know if the Teen's Top ten Nominees are the display or not. Is it the same?

  22. Can we have a manga list? Reply saying [MANGA] if you agree and support!

  23. Love the mythology section!

  24. Can you post a list of books set in Antarctica?

    1. WPL Teen UndergroundJuly 7, 2016 at 4:20 PM

      Great question! Since we have so few young adult books set in Antarctica, it is best to search for them using the online catalog. Go to: In the first search box, select search by "subject Keyword" and type in "Antarctica." Scroll further down to "limits" and select "Young Adult Fiction" or "Young Adult Non-Fiction." Hope this helps! If you need additional help, contact the College Hill Information Desk at 303-658-2603 or the Irving Street Information Desk at 303-658-2302.

  25. This is awesome! I have been looking for good books to read and this organized list is a lot more helpful in finding new books to read compared to browsing the library's catalog! Thank you! (:

  26. There's a wide variety here. :)

  27. need a book list about animal adventures!

  28. this helps me find books that i could possobly be able to read that are my level, thx a tone!