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Hello and welcome to the Westminster Public Library Teen Underground website! Our website/blog serves teens in and around Westminster, Colorado. The Westminster Public Library's teen services librarians and Teen Advisory Board create the reviews and content for this site.

Teen Services Librarians

Drey Deremo, MLIS
dderemo@cityofwestminster.us  303-658-2308
I started working as a Young Adult/Teen Services Librarian in December, 2015 after receiving my MLIS degree from Emporia State University. I am a purveyor of all things Pop Culture, but comic books and graphics novels will always have a place on my shelf. I work at both the Children's and Adult Information desks at Irving Street. I'm always eager to discuss YA novels, graphic novels, movies and video games, so stop by and say hello. 

Teen Advisory Board Members
Interested in writing reviews for this site? Learn how to join our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) by clicking on the Volunteer tab!

So, I am Jerome, a member of tab. I like to be a typical teen (read, play soccer, hang out). My favorite series of all time is Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan is my hero. If your trying to get into reading, go ahead and do it. Hopefully, my blog posts will inspire the reader in you. Every one has a reader in them!

Hi, my name is Jacob, and I love to read. I go fishing with my grand parents, and I play baseball and tennis. I run cross country, and besides that I read and play video games. Reading is fun, and I recommend it to everyone.

Salutations fellow homo sapiens. I go by the given birth name of Dylan, but that is irrelevant in the current text. My enjoyable pass times include soccer, boxing, reading and playing electronic devices on the television (video games.) I have been a person for some time now but not long enough. now stop reading this.

Hallo! I am a native to Colorado where I enjoy fishing and skiing. Some of my favorite authors are Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, and Marie Lu. When I'm away from reading, I enjoy playing the piano, strumming my ukulele, fencing, and making coffee.

Hi, I'm Sangati. I'm pretty much a basic teenager. Think old guy making fun of me for being such a millennial. I'm pretty into art so if you ever need a cool artist to follow hit me up. Or not. . .that's just a bit weird. But I will recommend Banksy. He's pretty awesome and an amazing punster. I am also a resident book nerd. Ask me anything and I will answer. Can't promise that the answer is correct but. . . 

'Sup. I'm Nora, and I go to Westlake Middle School, and I like to dance. No, not like dance around in your room, dance like actual dance companies that participate to win awards. I absolutely love to read and spend time with my friends. Oh, I'm also 13 years old.

Hi guys! I'm Anthony, I go to Silver Hills Middle School, and I like being with my friends at the TAB meetings. I like playing video games, watching videos, and trying all kinds of food.

Hi, Guys this is Hirali and I go to Stargate high school, you must think that I am super smart and boring but NO I am not boring I am super fun. I am also in Mountain Biking Team. I like scary movies like adventure. I basically like everything that looks cool and fun to do.


  1. liked both of them

  2. Thanks for the feedback! We'd love suggestions on how to improve the teen underground areas at both libraries. Just click on the survey tab above and make sure to fill out the sections concerning the teen areas!

  3. like both of them

  4. Hmmmmm short, gets the point across.

  5. I am thinking to join TAB, but I wondered what do you guys do in TAB?

    1. The TAB members post reviews of books, movies, music, games and more on the blog, as well as help with poll questions, teen monthly contests, teen programming, and other tasks that help out the library and the Teen Underground spaces. Just come to our next meeting to see if you would like to join. The only requirements are that you love reading, are interested in promoting all things teen at the library, and commit to at least 6 months of volunteering at the library!