Friday, June 2, 2017

Half of a Yellow Sun by: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Often, we find ourselves stuck within the confines of our own worlds. Our rooms, our homes, our cities; they're safe and comfortable, but there are fascinating places outside these bubbles that are so worth exploring. Through this book, Half of a Yellow Sun, the late '60s, a tumultuous time in Nigeria, were explored through the perspectives of four main characters: Ugwu, a houseboy; Odenigbo, a university professor with revolutionary ideas; Olanna, the beautiful almost-wife of Odenigbo; and Richard, an English writer who has fallen in love with Olanna's twin.

Learning about Biafra-a failed republic I didn't even know about- was actually really interesting from this book. After watching a TED-talk by Chimamanda, I knew I had to read some of her work. The characters are down to earth and impossible to dislike. The country itself is a beautiful place that struggles to overcome the legacy of colonialism. I honestly didn't think this is the type of book I would like, but seeing Nigeria from the lens this book provided was a worthwhile experience for me.

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