Monday, June 26, 2017

Everything Everything Movie

The Everything Everything Movie, really brought out Nicola Yoon's book with a heart-wrenching, powerful, and an intelligent, romantic tale about Madeline and Ollie. Madeline was diagnosed with a rare disease as a baby, and is forced to stay in her house for the past 18 years, because she is "allergic to the world", and any small illness, such as a fever, could be life-threatening. Everyday was the same...she was always bored and miserable in her house. That was until, a teenaged boy named Ollie moved into a house right next to Madeline's. Even from first glimpse, Madeline was interested in Ollie. They communicated with each other through text, and instantly became more attached to each other and created a strong bond with one another. Through the movie you see how love can truly make people risk EVERYTHING to be with one another, even if it means losing EVERYTHING. As great as the movie was, nothing can top Yoon's writing and how the book takes you even more on an adventure. I suggest reading the book before watching the movie. In the movie it felt like the story was being rushed, which made it not as enjoyable as the book. There were also some minor tweaks that were made to the movie, that also made it not as great as the book. But other than that, the movie was truly astonishing. 


  1. wow i really want to see this movie now!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your writing is great