Thursday, March 30, 2017

The LAB: Baseball/Softball Lace Bracelet

Get ready for Opening Day by creating a custom baseball or softball lace bracelet.

Ages 12-17

Thursday April 6
4-4:45 pm
Irving Street

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, by: Cassandra Clare

After rereading the Mortal Instruments series, I couldn't get enough of the world of shadowhunters. When I found this series, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, I almost cried from sheer joy. This series is made up of ten books that each tell the stories of characters who may have been glossed over in the Mortal Instruments. Tessa and Jem, Helen and Aline, even Robert and Maryse, all have the chance to tell their stories as guest speakers at the Academy. Readers get to experience this unique perspective from Simon Lewis' angle.

I started reading this book knowing I would love it, because who doesn't love everything Cassandra Clare writes? Although no books will ever compare to the Morta Instruments series, this collection came as close to that perfection as they could. My heart (and eyes) wept for the beautiful characters I hadn't stopped to think about in City of Bones or Clockwork Princess. Should you read this series? Oh most definitely; but I would definitely recommend reading the books Cassandra Clare wrote previous to these ones.

The Fountain Head

Though at first "The Fountain Head" seems like a very heavy complicated novel it opened up my eyes to a brand new way of writing. I thought the book was incredibly interesting and thought provoking. I quickly finished it because I became fascinated by the interaction of the main characters and the passion of one man who changed everything. I highly recommend it.

Three Men in a Boat

"Three Men in a Boat" is a wonderful novel published in the early 1800's and is written by Jerome K. Jerome. It is a tale about three men who go on adventures when realizing that their lives are bland and uneventful. It is an extremely hilarious tale of misadventures from everyday life occurrences. I recommend it wholeheartedly to those who want to laugh. This book will achieve that.

Spring Job Fair

Looking for a summer job? A seasonal position with the City of Westminster might be the perfect fit. More than 200 outdoor seasonal positions are available. Find out about different positions, fill out an application and get an on-the-spot interview. Get more details on the library website.

Ages 16 and older

Tuesday    April 4     3-7 pm               College Hill
Saturday   April 8     1:30-4:30 pm     College Hill

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March TAB Meeting

Our next Teen Advisory Board (TAB) meeting is Tuesday, March 28 from 4:30-6:00 pm!

Join TAB and get volunteer credit for promoting library services to teens at the Westminster Public Libraries:
  • Advise, plan, and participate in teen programs.
  • Post reviews and teen news on the Teen Underground blog/website.
  • Promote teen reading and news by creating bulletin boards and displays in the Teen Underground areas.
  • Recommend materials for the young adult collection.
Attend one of our TAB meetings to get started! 

Ages 12-17
No registration
Last Tuesday of each month
College Hill

Monday, March 20, 2017

Family Game and Movie Day

Watch a movie, play card games or checkers, put together a puzzle and enjoy some free popcorn!

Sunday March 26
2-4 pm
College Hill Library

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Killing Sea

Image result for the killing sea
The Killing Sea by Richard Lewis is a novel about the tsunami that stunned the world. Main character's Ruslan- an Indonesian boy, and Sarah- an American girl are brought together after the destructive, devastating tsunami. Ruslan is searching for his missing father and Sarah is trying to get her brother medical care. Together they work to find their true selves (and their families) and realize that the only way they can get through the obstacles is by relying on each other and by using every resource they can to survive. Can they find a way to get through the obstacles and stay safe? Will Ruslan find his father? Can Sarah get her brother Peter to safety before it is too late? This book will keep you turning the page and you won't be able to put it down. If you want a book with good adventure and unending excitement, this book is perfect for you.

"The Meaning Of Maggie"

The Meaning Of Maggie By Megan Jean Severn

In the book "The meaning Of Maggie", Maggie, is a really smart kid. Her dads legs have permanently fallen asleep. She has two older sisters, a mom and a dad. Her mom gets employed and Maggie is determined to figure something out no one else has ever attempted. Figuring out how to cure her dads sickness! Can she do it? This book is really good for people who constantly read. You can never get enough of this book and has silly side notes that make the book super interesting.

A Long Walk To Water

"A Long Walk To Water" By Linda Sue Park

In the book " A Long Walk To Water", two characters Nye and Salva live in Southern Sudan which is in Africa. This book explains the everyday life in Africa for most people. Nay walks to the pond 4 hours from her house 2 times a day, every day. Salva is trying to find safety in Africa because of war. Can the two characters get what they have always wanted? Fresh water and safety? Read the book to find out. This book is good because it is teaching something but makes it fun. It is full of mysteries that at one time become solved.

Out of my Mind

out of my mind By Sharon M Draper

The main character Melody in the book "out of my mind" , can't talk. Early on in the book, she goes to a doctor who tries to figure out her disease and smarts. Then she decides to go to school. She has a little tray full of words but not every word that she needs. Nobody talks to her. One day she shows up to school and one kid in her class has a new computer which gives Melody a thought. It is up to her to figure out how she can express her feelings. I recommend this book because it gets you thinking and is a book you can never put down.

Monday, March 13, 2017

13 Reasons Why

Why would a dead girl lie?
"13 Reasons Why" premieres March 31 only on Netflix.

Based on Thirteen Reasons Why: a novel / by Jay Asher.
Read the book this month from WPL, or download it to read.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Teen Dungeons & Dragons Club

Drop in and try your hand at adventuring this Saturday, March 11!

Take on the role of a heroic character of fantasy in a world of monsters, magic and destiny! We have a variety of characters to choose from...look forward to seeing you!

Ages 12-17
No registration
2nd Saturday of each month from 1-4 pm
College Hill

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

This is an exciting adventure book about a thieving crew that sets out to achieve an impossible task. First, the crew leader needs to get himself a crew (a hard task when most people hate him). Then he has to break into the Ice Court (an unbreachable base). And lastly, he has to bring home a person worth more dead than alive. All of this he has to do faster than any other crew that is being sent to get the same hostage. This fantastical book is a good break from homework and other repetitive activities. There isn't anything in particular about the book that makes it AMAZING, but it has a well-developed plot and is well written. If you're looking for a novel to just chill out with, this is the perfect fit for you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rain Reign

      In the book Rain Reign, the main character Rose has Asperger's syndrome. She loves homonyms and keeps a list of them. Her dad hates when she shouts out homonyms and it has a become a problem in school. Her father gets really mad when he has to start attending meetings in school about Rose's behavior. Her dog Rain got lost in a storm and her father despises her like for homonyms.  It is up to Rose to find her dog. Her father doesn't realize how much she loves the dog and doesn't care that Rain disappeared.  I recommend this book. It has a lot of action and gets good really fast, although, it can be a little emotional. This book is good for all ages and has a meaning  to go with it.