Monday, December 26, 2016


     In the movie Sing, it is about a group of singers who compete for a 100,000 dollar prize. The boss of the theater, Mr. Moon, is hosting the singing competition, to keep his theater from failing. The prize was only suppose to be a 1,000 dollars, but after a typo, it became 100,000 dollars. Mr. Moon, on the verge of failing, doesn't realize the mistake until the end of auditions, and he is already in trouble with the bank. Together, the singers have to stop what they were doing, and forget about the problems they are currently facing.
         I recommend this movie for just about anybody, unless you hate singing. This is a story about struggles, but it is mostly a singing competition. It can be pretty funny, and the movie is really enjoyable. This is a terrific family movie, and it is great for kids. I recommend  this movie for kids, and also adults, unless you do not enjoy singing.


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