Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron, I have been playing destiny, and ever since this DLC came out, I have been playing non-stop.  In fact, I have recently obtained one of the game's best weapons, The Gjallarhorn.  (that was just to make people who did not have it jealous.  I do not actually know the story behind it, also anyone can get it, easily) Destiny itself is a story about how a giant white orb  came to Earth and had the capacity to create life and functional ecosystems.  There was a Golden Age, unfortunately, shortly afterwards the darkness found the “traveler” as they called it, to seek revenge.  Later, in the Taken King, the old DLC, you needed to kill Oryx, or the so-called God of this evil.  And now, in Rise of Iron, the journey stays on Earth, or so I know.  It is still too early to tell.  Long story short, get this game.  

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