Tuesday, August 30, 2016

No Man's Sky

Though there is plenty of controversy around the subject, Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" pushes the idea of space travel to new heights with innovative gameplay and a compelling, and sometimes hard to find, story.

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Though the charts are implying that the game is disliked, I personally love the idea of going through space and discovering more about the story, so I'm rather enjoying the game. It doesn't give you a tutorial for anything, so there is a bigger sense of accomplishment when you complete a task, even an easy one. There are over 18 Quintilian star systems out there, all of which is available for exploration, so, as an open world game fanatic, I feel very happy with the idea that I don't have any boundaries in my world, and I can do what I want, whenever I want.

Even though I and many other players may be enjoying the game, Shawn Murray, the head developer and overall spokesperson for Hello Games, did lie about many of the features that are just non-existent in-game. There are no giant fleets of spaceships that appear, nor can we land on asteroids. But the biggest lie that lead to the most controversy is the one about the all-online feature. After many tests, people have discovered that you cannot meet other real players in the game, which was a very big promise that Sean Murray made.

Despite all of the lies, the game is filled with potential, and I as a player have been on it for hours at a time.

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