Monday, March 28, 2016

Perfect Cover Jennifer Lynn Barnes

1188294Bayport Highschool is like a classic teen movie high school. You have the jocks and their jockish ways and the nerds with their nerdish ways and then there's a cheerleaders. The girls everyone looks up to but no one will cross. These girls who dominate the lunch room also happen to be spy's working for the government to take down a certain agency.

Enter Toby Klein. She has recently transferred over to Bayport. She was also recruited by the cheerleaders. Not that she had much of a choice. Toby Klein has officially embarked one her adventures with the girliest-underage-butt-kicking cheerleaders.

Overall it was a good. I recommend it to anyone who would enjoy reading it. 

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  1. A great movie for all ages and the family. Judy Hopps(the first rabbit officer) teams up with a fox named Nicolas(Nick) white to track down 13 missing predators whom have all gone savage. A truly remarkable movie % stars all around.