Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Lunar Chronicles Series



Cinder by Marissa Meyers is the first book in my all time favorite series! The well known fairy tale Cinderella is the bases of this first book. But don't think you know what the story is about because there are twist and turns around every corner. This story presents our main character Cinder is a 16 year old gifted mechanic, who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters who  despise her. For one reason and one reason only, Cinder is a cyborg. A person only one step up from dirt in the eyes of society. The society of androids and humans. The society in the future. The society of New Beijing and it's royal prince Kai. When Cinder life becomes entwined with royalty she thinks nothing else can go wrong until her past comes and gives her the biggest surprise of her life.

I recommend this book because other than it's over-all awesomeness, Cinder is an independent strong girl who can kick some butt when she needs to. That is only one of the many reason Cinder is one of my favorite books

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