Sunday, March 8, 2015

Transistor- Supergiant games (PS4, PC)

When I first started playing Transistor, I was skeptical. After all, most games don't throw you into a world where you carry a giant sword that talks, especially with little explanation. But I soon found that as more things about the game became clear, the more I liked it. First of all, the combat is very innovative. Mashing turn-based fighting with real time- in the form of momentarily stopping the action around you to plan your next move- felt very different, and thus a good break from your standard point-and-shoot game. But even better than the combat- which is saying a lot- is the game's atmosphere. Amazing music combines with unique visuals and a mysterious story to make the world awesome. Unfortunately, the beautiful ride doesn't last long, though- the game's story lasts a dismal 4 hours, with extra content adding another 2. Overall, Transistor was a superb journey, but a little on the short side (short and sweet, you could say). I would recommend this for any gamers a little bored with traditional games and looking for something different.

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