Monday, March 30, 2015

Rogue Legacy- Cellar Door Games

Are you trying to find a good game with elements of the good old days? Look no further, here is the game that has me losing track of time because it is so addicting. This 2 dimensional and pixelated game is all about finding monsters, killing them, and getting gold to fight the 5 bosses and win the game. This game is very large with many places to explore with a constantly changing map so completing the game should not be your first move. What makes this game unique is that death is permanent. However, when you die (which happens all the time) you go back to the home screen and choose an heir who will take your material possessions that you have accumulated and continue the game. This is very unique for many reasons. When you choose an heir they can be any class with any spell. Cellar Door Games really hit home with this game because each heir has a few traits, for example: Glaucoma (everything is dark), Dwarfism (your character is small), Gigantism (your character is large), Vertigo (the screen is upside down), Muscle spasms (the controller vibrates every once in a while), and even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The list goes on. These elements make this game hilarious and addicting.  I recommend this for young ages and nostalgic old timers. Why are you still reading this, go play that game!

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