Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dragon- Clive Cussler

You've heard of the bombing of Hiroshima. But have you heard of the bomber that was supposed to do it but failed? Have you heard of the U.S. deep water mining program? Have you heard of the mysterious nuclear explosion in the middle of the sea? These events and more make up the exiting novel Dragon by Clive Cussler. Dragon is an advanced novel, for experienced readers who aren't afraid to devote a good chunk of time to a book. These readers also know the advantages of reading such a story. More developed characters, more action, and witty dialogue make up the pages of Dragon, and for that reason I loved it. Although there were a lot of characters to follow, and I often got them mixed up, you'll learn them quickly, because each one is memorable. The main character especially, Dirk Pitt, is funny and clever, just the type of guy to solve this nuclear emergency and do it in style. Although a little over the top, I found Dragon to be a funny, enjoyable read and would recommend it for people 15+.

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