Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wishing Wall Wishes from the Teen Underground

I wish everything I ever wished for and wanted wouldn't be a wish.
I wish I could make it to college and help my family.
I wish I could be a lawyer.
I wish for the world to be a cartoon.
I wish my tablet had WiFi outside my apartment.
I wish there will never be discrimination all over the world.
I wish there are free food everyday.
I wish for the world to have peace.
I wish for Digimon to be real.
I wish depression and suicide didn't exist.
I wish for more acceptance.
I wish the world is made of chocolate,
I wish my family had a place to live and a car.

I wish for more gratitude in the world and for everyone's happiness.
I wish to have an amazing college experience.
I wish the world would be Black Butler.
I wish my future would be full of success.
I wish I could have this sharpie (that I used to write this).
I wish for more manga books.
I wish for everyone to have a good day.
I wish my school was Hogwarts.
I wish people would stop pretending to be someone they're not.
I wish to end world poverty and the lack of fresh water in Africa.
I wish to get into the school I like and live my life without any regrets.
I wish everyone tomorrow are always better than today.
I wish to attain happiness, glory, and pride.
I wish to make my family proud.

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