Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Exquisite Corpse Poetry

Our Inklings Writing Club created some collaborative poetry (each person adds a line after only seeing the previous line) at our November meeting as we say goodbye and good luck to Alythya & Trumyn!

I saw, as the bright sky turned a misty green, cascading with
birds drifting peacefully while
eating cheese.
Makes me smell weird,
like old gym socks.
I took out the socks to the trash, but they bit me.
Bleeding, but without any bandages,
I used the nearest thing to clean it, a stinky
old cloth on the side of the road,
drifting in the wind.
The leaves were carried far and wide,
the message they bore would terrify anyone who read it.
But who would read?

Dean looked puzzled.
Dean cried because of this.
The tears rolled down his cheeks, leaving behind hot salty trails.
Though they burned him,
into a pit of fiery ashes
that stretched to the sky.
I threw the awful shirt and wished it a burning, painful death.
Then I realized...
I didn't have a shirt and purple unicorns were watching.
It was embarrassing.
His cheeks burned red as he hid his face.
Then he knew...
My secret identity was revealed.

Jimmy rode on a dog!
But I fell off many times
and broke my funny bone which made me laugh.
Laughing insanely, thinking about yesterday when
a bolt of lightning
spiked the darkness.
It pricked his finger
which hurt. He uses many bandages
but the blood spilled on the pavement, knocking him out.
He awoke in a room wearing the weirdest, strangest clothing.
Fits me poorly.
The shoes were WAY too big! I looked like a clown.
But I am a clown.

Braces suck.
That's why I took mine off,
But when I took mine off, my feet stank.
They sank into goo of gooey toothpaste,
which gave the most horrendous scent of
rancid fruit, but tasted like ripe orange.
It was yummy.
Delish. Relish! rhymes. Pig and wig. Pup and sup.
I can say anything I want to, but doesn't make sense.
Absurd green penguins
flop around joyfully
drop on the deck.
That 20 ft. deck of cards that's lying on main street
was tumbling and fell.
That was the end of the card tower.

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