Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Frankenstein is one of most classic tragedy that was inspired by the story of Prometheus. Victor Frankenstein, a genius scientist that was so passionate toward knowledge, created a monster from the flesh of the dead that neither belong to the Underworld or the living world. Not only this fact continued to haunt him and drowned him in regret, the psychological torture of watching the death of his loved ones eventually destroyed his hope and driven him toward revenge. Only death could grant him peace.
Monster who was abandoned by his creator and human society continued to seek for sense of love, belonging and companionship. After obtaining more knowledge, he understood his own deformity and bears hatred but also hope for his creator to accept him.
This story was through multi-narratives (a story within a story) and described the destructive power of knowledge.
I recommend this to everyone! It gives a new perspective of the society, family, love and also whether knowledge is good or bad. I still couldn't answer this question : Who is the monstrous character in the story?  

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