Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anime/Manga News!

Sword Art Online Season 2- The Gun Gale Online is finally released (well a few weeks back)! Highly recommend everyone to watch this because it is awesome story plot (a bit slow in the beginning), amazing effects like SAO I, and great characters (Kirito and Sinon)!
Kuroko No Basuke has finally reached the end of the game between Rakuzan and Seirin High. The tide of the game was constantly changing but the finally winner is ........a Secret until you read it of course (not planning to spoil anything). The third season of the manga is also decided to be release around March 2015.
Love live School Idol Project has released its manga version and while it differs from the anime, the plot is still amazing. Ao Haru Ride anime also released recently and seeing the love triangle/love problems in school are much more great!
Fairy Tail discussion exploded due to the new scene in the newest chapter! The kiss scene is finally in. And the fighting between Tartarus still ongoing! Also check out Fairy Tail Zero to discover the story between founders of Fairy Tail and potentially secret behind Lumen Histoire or to find out who was so skillful to cause death of the invincible Mavis (or i hope he will tell us)!

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