Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spark a Reaction teen summer reading program!

Ages 12-17
June 2-August 2
READ and complete library activities to earn prizes this summer!
REGISTER online at
PICK UP your Teen Reading Record beginning June 2 at College Hill or Irving Street Library.
ATTEND some "Spark a Reaction” teen summertime events


  1. Sounds like a good way to inspire teens to read given that they will get something in return.

  2. I am enjoying the program and I think it will be great for kids.

  3. I also like the "layout" of the program this year. I just had a question about the Grand Prize drawing. I know that the possible prizes are a Kindle Paperwhite or one of four B&N gift cards and a T-shirt, but how exactly does it work?

  4. It's a computerized random drawing from all the grand prize reading tickets submitted by teens. So, if you completed all 4 of your grand prize reading tickets, you have 4 chances to be drawn. The first winner can choose the Kindle or a B&B gift card, and then it continues through all 5 winners.

  5. It used to be by the hours but now its better beacuse it challenges the kids more.