Saturday, April 26, 2014

Newest Update for Manga/ Anime

Fairy Tail S2 by Hiro Mashima anime has released. The anime S1 ended with Natsu won the battle against the Twin Dragon, Sting and Rogue. The group with 45 points has climbed to the top. But then Lucy was captured, and group must win to save her. With two front strategies, the guild's goals are to save Lucy and win the Daimatou Enbu to regain the title of the strongest guild in the country. As for the manga, the battle with Tartaros is reaching the climax! Will they defeat the guild and save the world? Or will Fairy Tail be eliminate and  Zeref rules the world?
Next, Black Bullets is finally released. So far there are only two episodes but stay tune in Enju's adventure as she trying to save the world against the next Gastrea Stage! Kuroko No Basuke S2 has released episode 25 and conclude the basketball game between Seirin and Yosen High School. Season 3 will hopefully be out soon so we can see the game between Seirin vs. Kaijo and Seirin vs. Rakuzan! The manga has started the Seirin counterattack Rakuzan even with very slim chance of winning. Will Akashi keep the Emperor title or will Kuroko defeat him? Stay update! 
Unfortunately SAO S2, Skip Beat S2, Bleach and Pretty Rhythm S4 release date is still undecided.  Hopefully they will keep it going!    

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