Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy National Poetry Month from Inklings @ WPL

Inklings members celebrated National Poetry Month by composing collaborative Exquisite Poetry.

Each writer only sees the last line written, then folds it over, writes the next line, and then passes it on to the next writer.

We hope that you enjoy our creations. If you are interested in joining Inklings, we meet the first Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6pm at the College Hill Library in room L167.

If ever the fog should lift…
The people will rejoice.
The bells will ring
In the courtyard of the church.
Nobody climbed cheese.
It’s too stinky and yellow.
When I’m around it, I don’t feel mellow.
They don’t call me mellow yellow,
Because I’m dramatic and vibrant purple!
But, sadly, I love it plain.

Popcorn and cheese I eat!
How it pleases my stomach to chew and crunch.
Pizza pleases my taste buds.
Delicious victories make everyone happy,
They’re awesome with nachos in their mouths.
They cannot speak, their mouths are full.
Their food is bursting from their mouths.
So much so, that they look like they are going to explode
In the woods.

Purple bunnies are fuzzy
But smell bad
Like skunks I so despise
So is the dead raccoon
That makes a foul odor
The darkness welcomes this creature
Of evil stature
While doing good deeds
They like to laugh at me
It stabs my heart with each chuckle
Like a knife
The scream split through the house

Love lights up the sky
No one knows where to go
They’re lost
Even though they have a map
Lost on the road
No way to find their way back home
They are lost and forever will be

Everyone is outside playing
Ultimate Frisbee in the park.
It makes me soar through the sky.
My wings take me higher and higher.
But if I go so high I’ll be doomed
To fall on 1,000,000 pillows,
Like falling on a cloud,
So soft and comfy,
Like a bed in the morning.

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