Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We need teen summer reading volunteers!

We need teen volunteers (ages 12-17) to help with our summer reading program!

Volunteer online registration and scheduling is now open (May 1-28).

Step 1: Go to the calendar to see available shifts at College Hill and Irving Street.

Step 2: Complete the registration survey to negotiate your schedule. You will be contacted by email to confirm your schedule.

Step 3: Teens must attend a training session with a parent to finalize your participation, complete an application, and learn about your volunteer duties. Sign up to follow us by email at the bottom of the page and receive training date and time reminders in your inbox!
Ages 12-17. No registration for training sessions.

College Hill:
Saturday 1:30 - 2:30pm, May 24
Tuesday 6-7pm, May 27

Irving Street:
Wednesday 6-7pm, May 28

Monday, April 28, 2014

Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced?
Jordan Sonnenblick
All Rich wanted to do was help his girlfriend out with playing guitar for her protest rally. How was he supposed to know the police would come – along with his dad, who is over the top angry at Rich, especially as the rally happened to fall on the day of his brother’s death? Rich knows his parents can’t do anything worse to him (as he is already grounded for an infinite number of years) and when he finds an old Stratocaster guitar belonging to his dead uncle with a mysterious note, he decides to play it and see what happens.

(most suitable for high school readers)

Boy Toy by Barry Lyga

Boy Toy
Barry Lyga
Josh is a seemingly normal 18 year old boy who loves baseball and excels absolutely in school, never getting less than an A since third grade. However, when a certain someone gets out of jail after five years and he finally talks to the girl he hasn't talked to since before then, he is forced to face his past and what happened five years ago.
(for high school readers only)

Lament by Maggie Steifvater

Maggie Steifvater

Lament: The Fairy Queen’s Deception

This book was a really interesting take on the mythology of fairies and of Irish lore. It was integrated into modern times so that it was not out of date or ancient, or foolish sounding. This book is about a girl named Deirdre who suddenly finds herself enamored with a strange boy named Luke. She soon learns there is much more to him than meets the eye, and much more about herself. She is a cloverhand, a human who can draw the fair folk like a beacon. However, the Queen of the fairies has decided Luke, as her reluctant assassin, is going to kill Deirdre to remove her as a threat.  

(most suitable for high school readers) 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teen Advisory Board meeting

Our next Teen Advisory Board meeting is Tuesday, April 29th!

Join TAB and get volunteer credit for promoting library services to teens at the Westminster Public Libraries:
  • Advise, plan, and participate in teen programs.
  • Post reviews and teen news on the Teen Underground blog/website.
  • Promote teen reading and news by creating bulletin boards and displays in the Teen Underground areas.
  • Recommend materials for the young adult collection.
Attend one of our TAB meetings to get started! 

Ages 12-17. No registration.
Last Tuesday each month from 4-5:30pm at College Hill
Future meetings: May 27

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letters from the End of the World

Letters from the End of the World by Toyofumi Ogura is a firsthand account book on the Bombing of Hiroshima. The Japanese attack on Peal Harbor led the US to enter WW2. After resolving conflict in Europe, we shifted our attention to Japan. Two atomic bombs was dropped to end the war. This book incorporates letters that Mr. Ogura wrote to his wife, who died after two weeks of bombing. The letters are eye witness of the bombing and terror that many Japanese citizens felt. It is a sad, heartbroken book that describe how dramatic life has changed in Japan. I recommend this book to those who would like to explore and curious about
a different perspective of history. The writing itself is very straightforward and easy to comprehend. Its strong and descriptive imagery and his sad experience can bring tear to your eyes.

Newest Update for Manga/ Anime

Fairy Tail S2 by Hiro Mashima anime has released. The anime S1 ended with Natsu won the battle against the Twin Dragon, Sting and Rogue. The group with 45 points has climbed to the top. But then Lucy was captured, and group must win to save her. With two front strategies, the guild's goals are to save Lucy and win the Daimatou Enbu to regain the title of the strongest guild in the country. As for the manga, the battle with Tartaros is reaching the climax! Will they defeat the guild and save the world? Or will Fairy Tail be eliminate and  Zeref rules the world?
Next, Black Bullets is finally released. So far there are only two episodes but stay tune in Enju's adventure as she trying to save the world against the next Gastrea Stage! Kuroko No Basuke S2 has released episode 25 and conclude the basketball game between Seirin and Yosen High School. Season 3 will hopefully be out soon so we can see the game between Seirin vs. Kaijo and Seirin vs. Rakuzan! The manga has started the Seirin counterattack Rakuzan even with very slim chance of winning. Will Akashi keep the Emperor title or will Kuroko defeat him? Stay update! 
Unfortunately SAO S2, Skip Beat S2, Bleach and Pretty Rhythm S4 release date is still undecided.  Hopefully they will keep it going!    

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video the Library Contest Winners!

The contest has ended and the prizes have been awarded!

$250 Judges’ choice award winner for grades 6-8:
Let’s go to the library by Benjamin Martinko

$250 Judges’ choice award winner for grades 9-12:
Promo video by Mallory Stefan

$100 People’s choice award winner for grades 6-8:

$100 People’s choice award for grades 9-12:
Promo video by Mallory Stefan

Thank you to the Friends of the Westminster Public Library for donating the prize money for our contest and thank you to our judges and everyone who voted in the people's choice vote. 

Keep an eye on the library's Facebook page for pictures from the awards ceremony!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slam poetry at the library!

Don't miss your chance to see SLAM NUBA, National Slam Poetry Champions, at College Hill Library! This is a rare chance to see this powerful group for free.

Saturday, April 26th from 3-4pm.

Call 303-658-2604 to register today!

This program is being presented by the adult services department and may not be appropriate for younger teens.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

One more week until the Video the Library Contest Awards Reception is here!

Join us for our awards reception on Saturday, April 19th from 2-4pm at College Hill Library. The judges' choice and people's choice winners for the middle and high school categories will be announced! All ages welcome!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Teen Dungeons & Dragons Club meeting

Drop in and try your hand at adventuring this Saturday, April 12th!

Take on the role of a heroic character of fantasy in a world of monsters, magic and destiny!

We have a variety of characters to choose from...look forward to seeing you!

Ages 12-17
2nd Saturday each month 1-4 pm at College Hill
Future meetings: May 10

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have You Seen Divergent Yet?

HAVE YOU SEEN DIVERGENT YET?  This movie was very close to the book beside some details that they missed but as we all know, the movie will always have their differences from the book.  The movie followed the plot and characters of the book very well. So if you have read the book, go and see it now so you can enjoy this dystopian story come to life.  If you haven't read the book, that's OKAY! See the amazing movie everybody has been making a big deal out of now!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Vote for the people's choice winners in our Video the Library Contest!

Teens have created their videos about why the Westminster Public Library is fun and cool and now we need your help! Vote for your favorite videos in each of our categories before noon on April 18th and the people's choice winners will receive $100.00. 

Prizes will be awarded at a reception at the College Hill Library on Saturday, April 19th from 2-4pm and everyone is invited!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April is Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month! Click the link below to read hundreds and hundreds of poems by classic authors and new authors.  You can make an account too and start writing and publishing poetry here!

Happy National Poetry Month from Inklings @ WPL

Inklings members celebrated National Poetry Month by composing collaborative Exquisite Poetry.

Each writer only sees the last line written, then folds it over, writes the next line, and then passes it on to the next writer.

We hope that you enjoy our creations. If you are interested in joining Inklings, we meet the first Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6pm at the College Hill Library in room L167.

If ever the fog should lift…
The people will rejoice.
The bells will ring
In the courtyard of the church.
Nobody climbed cheese.
It’s too stinky and yellow.
When I’m around it, I don’t feel mellow.
They don’t call me mellow yellow,
Because I’m dramatic and vibrant purple!
But, sadly, I love it plain.

Popcorn and cheese I eat!
How it pleases my stomach to chew and crunch.
Pizza pleases my taste buds.
Delicious victories make everyone happy,
They’re awesome with nachos in their mouths.
They cannot speak, their mouths are full.
Their food is bursting from their mouths.
So much so, that they look like they are going to explode
In the woods.

Purple bunnies are fuzzy
But smell bad
Like skunks I so despise
So is the dead raccoon
That makes a foul odor
The darkness welcomes this creature
Of evil stature
While doing good deeds
They like to laugh at me
It stabs my heart with each chuckle
Like a knife
The scream split through the house

Love lights up the sky
No one knows where to go
They’re lost
Even though they have a map
Lost on the road
No way to find their way back home
They are lost and forever will be

Everyone is outside playing
Ultimate Frisbee in the park.
It makes me soar through the sky.
My wings take me higher and higher.
But if I go so high I’ll be doomed
To fall on 1,000,000 pillows,
Like falling on a cloud,
So soft and comfy,
Like a bed in the morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Website of the Month - April

Second semester means that it's time to apply for scholarships! Fastweb is a great resource that indexes all different kinds of scholarships. They have scholarships for all kinds of interests and for all age ranges. Anyone can make an account to start finding scholarships. Also, they also have a plethora of resources to help demystify the college application process, find interesting colleges and how to plan and begin a successful career.

What's great about Fastweb is that when a person makes an account they create a profile of all of their interests. This way, Fastweb can match students with scholarships they're interested in and are eligible for. They'll even send an e-mail when a scholarship is matched to your profile. Since there's so many great opportunities and anyone can make an account, definitely check out Fastweb to find some great scholarships. http://www.fastweb.com/