Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vote for your favorite summer reading program event!

This summer we will host three teen events during our Spark A Reaction teen summer reading program. Vote for your top three by commenting on this post!

1. Doctor Who Party

2. Nostalgia Night (Harry Potter and Disney trivia, duck-duck-goose, red-light-green-light, board games, friendship bracelets, and more)

3. Trivia Night (questions about math, science, science fiction, art, music, Star Wars, Star Trek, and more)

4. Javagami (

5. MOSS & Cubelets robotics (


  1. 1,2,3 also! I think my favorite would definitely be the Doctor Who Party!

    1. Thanks, Brieanna! We've finalized the summer reading events (check them out on the events tab at and we'll be doing the MOSS & Cubelets robotic event, the Doctor Who Party, and a Vintage Teen Extravaganza (Nostalgia night renamed!). We hope to see you there!