Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gates of Paradise by Melissa De La Cruz

Gates Of Paradise
By: Melissa De La Cruz
Phew! Wow!
This book was AMAZING!! I'm so glad I had the chance to read the Blue Blood series and that I enjoyed all them. This book takes place in London where Schuyler is running out of time because the Dark Prince of Hell wants to take over the gates of paradise for good. Even though the Dark Prince of Hell has his great angels Abbadon and Azrael (Jack and Mimi Force) by his side to join him. Or he thinks. Lucifer ("The Dark Prince) assigns Jack and Mimi to kill their one and only true love so their bond can be broken. I love how the author includes all the characters Schuyler, Bliss, Oliver, Jack, Mimi, Kingsley, Gabrielle, Michael, the wolves and plenty more. Its just so exciting to read all these characters stories and what happens to all of them. I really recommend to those people who love the supernatural and the romance type of thing. I'm sad that the series is over but amazing. Thank you Melissa De La Cruz for making a wonderful series.

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