Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Bloods 
By:Melissa De La Cruz

In the exciting first novel of the "Blue Bloods", Schuyler Van Alen a New York city teenage girl, has never fit in at her private school Duchesne. She prefers baggy; vintage clothes compared to other people in her school that wears brands alike Prada and pearls worn by her classmates. When the death of a young teenage vampire, Schuyler's life unexpectedly changes. In the first book of the "Blue Bloods" series, I thought it was a great book. Some of the few things I really liked about the author's work would be how she describes the characters in the book. A other thing I really liked is how the book changes to different characters. My favorite characters are Schuyler Van Alen, Jack Force(Angel of Destruction), Oliver Hazard Perry (Schuyler's best friend) and Mimi Force( Angel of Death). I really like Schuyler's and Oliver's friendship because Schuyler and Oliver are best friends and he's always looking out for her and cares for her. One thing I didn't like is how they don't really describe Aggie's (the girl who was murdered) character, I mean she used to be friends with the most popular girl at school but the author didn't really describe her. I'm guessing because she died in the beginning of the book but the author could have at least said a few details about her. Out of all, I recommend to those people out there that are interested reading about fiction, romance, drama and the supernatural. I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping on getting to the last book that came out a few months ago.


  1. I love the first book as well although the last few books in the series have actually disappointed me.

  2. I really haven't read this book or the other books before but, just by the cover and a description about it makes me really want to read it!

  3. This series looks very interesting. A few friends of mine read it and love it. I want to read it so bad!